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2016 Presidential Dollar Coins

New Dollar Coins for 2016 feature Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. The President Coins and available by the single coin or you can buy coin rolls. Each of the golden dollar coins are brilliant uncirculated in condition.

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2016 American Presidents Coin Collection

Because coin collecting has become such a popular and profitable hobby, the U.S. Mint is continually accommodating collectors by releasing great new series such as the new US President Dollar Coins. The 2016 Gold President Coins Collection, honoring Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, is currently in high demand.

The American Presidents Coin Collection is made primarily from manganese, copper, brass, zinc and nickel. That's all covered by a nice, shiny gold-looking layer, which makes them fairly inexpensive to buy per unit or set and thus a great way for new collectors to get started.

With four new presidential dollar coins coming out each year starting in 2007, that leaves several years of putting a collection together from the beginning. Get started today!