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How do I update my Subscription Contact / Credit Card Information?
If you purchased your National Park Quarter or Presidential Dollar Roll subscription on our site since 9/15/10, you may update your credit card / contact information simply from your account.

If you purchased your National Park Quarter or Presidential Dollar Roll subscription prior to 9/15/10, you may update your contact and/or credit card information at this link. We invite you, however, to repurchase the subscription you currently have online here, which will automatically replace your existing off-line subscription. In this manner, you may update payment and address information online from your account, keep track of the subscriptions you have, and comply with the National Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, which aims to ensure the privacy of your confidential information. For your convenience, we have provided links to the National Park Quarter Roll Subscriptions and the Presidential Dollar Roll Subscriptions below. Please let us know should you have any questions. You may direct inquiries to

National Park Quarter Roll Subscriptions:

Presidential Dollar Roll Subscriptions:

How do Subscription programs work?
Roll Subscriptions:

Once you purchase your National Park or Presidential Dollar Roll subscription online, you will receive your first issue under the subscription within approximately 10 days. You will then automatically be charged and shipped future issues on an on-going basis throughout the program or until you no longer wish to receive them.

Subscriptions alleviate the need to manually purchase each issue as released. As long as your billing, shipping and credit card information is up to date on your account, roll subscribers will continue to be sent all future issues. If you wish to cancel the subscription, just email us.

Individual Coin Subscriptions:

Individual Coin Subscriptions are only paid for on the initial purchase. These ship at the same time as roll subscriptions, however roll subscriptions and individual coin subscriptions will ship separately. You will receive separate email confirmations.  

Future issues are sent approximately 2-4 weeks after their first release. They will appear on our site for sale before you get them under the subscription program. Your local bank may carry one or the other mint before you get them from us. You may even find one in change before you receive them from us. Having a subscription does not mean you will receive the issue before anyone else, simply that you are guaranteed to receive that issue at the first issue price, and you do not have to remember to do this manually from now on. We will only contact you by email when the charge is placed, if the charge attempt is declined, and upon shipping the issue.

Due to changing offers or discounts available through our website, your subscription price is locked in at the time of purchase and is only subject to change if the subscription itself is modified in quantity or type. Shipping charges vary depending on how many rolls of what type make up your subscription and range from $2.95 to $10.95. 

This article will be updated as new information becomes available. Should you have further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us toll free at 866-241-9901 M-F
When is the next issue shipping?

National Park Quarter Roll and Individual Subscriptions

Quarter Roll and Individual Subscriptions ship five times throughout the year, generally every 10 weeks apart. As long as your email address is up to date, an email confirmation will also accompany each charge attempt and shipment.

The first issue of the year generally goes out in mid-March, but can vary depending upon when the US Mint makes both mints available to us in bulk, which will generally be later than your local bank receives one or the other mint.


These are the expected APPROXIMATE National Park Quarter subscription shipment dates for 2014 through 2016:


Tennessee Smokey Mountains: March, 2014

Virginia Shenandoah: May, 2014

Utah Arches: July 2014

Colorado Great Sand Dunes: October, 2014

Florida Everglades: December 2014


Nebraska Homestead Monument: March, 2015

Louisiana Kisatchie National Forest: June, 2015

North Carolina Blue Ridge: Aug / Sept 2015

Delaware Bombay Hook Wildlife: October / November, 2015

New York Saratoga National Park: December, 2015


Illinois Shawnee National Forest: March 2016

Kentucky Cumberland National Park: June, 2016

West Virginia Harper's Ferry: Aug / Sept 2016

North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt National Park: October / November, 2016

South Carolina Fort Moultrie (Sumter) National Park, December, 2016

Please Remember, these are ONLY APPROXIMATE DATES and will no doubt change a bit. We thought you would like some type of date to go by though. Of course, an email confirmation will accompany each shipment.


Presidential Dollar Individual Subscriptions

Presidential Dollar Individual Subscriptions have been offered for 2014. They are pre-paid and will ship 4 times throughout the year as follows:


Harding - March, 2014

Coolidge - June, 2014

Hoover - August / September, 2014

Roosevelt - December, 2014


Harry Truman - March, 2015

Dwight Eisenhower - June, 2015

John Kennedy - August / September, 2015

Lyndon Johnson - December, 2015

Remember, there will only be 3 issues for 2016.
If we have more accurate dates, they will be posted here. Thank you=-)