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1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar is the first year of this very popular series, and the first year of the low mintage CC mint mark Silver Dollar Coins. These U.S. Silver Dollar pieces are considered to be the crown jewels of the series as the popularilty of this coin, with this mint mark, continues to soar.

The large nature of these coins, the beautiful design, and the low mintage of these Liberty Dollar pieces make these a favorite among coin collectors. Pick up one of these 1878-CC Morgan Dollar coins for your collection. We have many grades, and prices to choose from among all these Silver Dollars for sale.

1878 was a year filled with history. The silver dollar became U.S. legal tender on February 16th, the U.S. Congress authorized the first large size silver certificates and the Carson City Mint started production of the first Morgan Silver Dollars with the Carson City mint mark.