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Peace Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars were minted from 1921-1935. This unique coin was designed by Anthony de Francisci to depict a feeling of peace and were minted for a total of nine years. It is the last United States dollar coin that was made from silver.

Buy Peace Silver Dollars

If you are wondering where to get a Peace Silver Dollar coin, U.S.S.Q. is here to help. Our collection of Silver Peace Dollars for sale online includes grades ranging from good to brilliant uncirculated. We use strict Photograde standards on all of our coins.

Grading Peace Silver Dollars

  • G4 Good - Date and letters readable. Main devices outlined, but lack details.
  • VG7 Very Good - Major details discernible. Letters well formed but worn.
  • F12 Fine - Hair ends distinguishable. Top hairlines show, but otherwise worn smooth.
  • VF20 Very Fine - Hair in center shows some detail. Other details more bold.
  • EF40 Extra Fine - Hair well defined but will show some wear.
  • AU50 Almost Uncirculated - Slight trace of wear on tips of highest curls and breast feathers are usually weak.
  • MS60 Uncirculated - No trace of wear. Light blemishes.
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