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2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll - Image 1 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll - Image 2 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll - Image 1 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll - Image 2 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll - Image 1 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll - Image 2 of 0

2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter Roll

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Embark on a collector's journey through American history with a full roll of 2024 Zitkala-Sa Quarters, meticulously minted at the illustrious San Francisco Mint. This exclusive collection pays homage to the enduring legacy of Zitkala-Sa, a trailblazing figure in Native American history, with each coin in the roll serving as a radiant tribute to her impactful contributions.

Key Features:

  1. San Francisco Mint Craftsmanship: This full roll of Zitkala-Sa Quarters showcases the meticulous artistry of the historic San Francisco Mint. Renowned for its commitment to precision and quality, the mint ensures that each quarter in this roll is a masterpiece, reflecting the radiant heritage it represents.

  2. Collective Design Elegance: The roll is a treasury of intricately designed quarters, each bearing the graceful representation of Zitkala-Sa's legacy. The combined artwork mirrors the cultural richness and indomitable spirit of this influential Native American leader.

  3. Zitkala-Sa's Comprehensive Legacy: Born in 1876 on the Yankton Indian Reservation, Zitkala-Sa's life story unfolds through every quarter in this roll. As an advocate, writer, and musician, her multifaceted legacy is honored, offering a comprehensive tribute to her enduring contributions.

  4. Advocate for Native American Rights: Zitkala-Sa's unwavering advocacy for Native American rights echoes through each coin. Her commitment to fostering understanding and inclusivity shines through, making this roll a symbol of resilience and empowerment.

  5. Literary Brilliance: The roll encapsulates Zitkala-Sa's literary excellence, featuring quarters that tell the story of challenges faced by Native Americans during a transformative period in history. Her writings, immortalized on each coin, continue to inspire and educate.

  6. National Council of American Indians Heritage: Zitkala-Sa's pivotal role in founding the National Council of American Indians is celebrated in this full roll, underscoring her dedication to advocacy. Each quarter is a nod to the ongoing efforts of this influential organization.

A Radiant Heritage Collection:

This full roll of Zitkala-Sa Quarters from the San Francisco Mint is more than a collection; it's a radiant heritage experience. Limited in availability, this roll stands as a unique investment and a cherished addition to any collector's portfolio, encapsulating a transformative era in American history.

Secure your complete Zitkala-Sa Quarter roll today, and own a radiant piece of heritage that resonates with the enduring impact of a true trailblazer.

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