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Standing Liberty Quarters

Standing Liberty Quarter

The Standing Liberty Quarter was minted from 1916 - 1930. These coins have a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper containing .18084 troy ounces of silver. These coins feature the goddess of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle in flight on the reverse. The designer was Hermon Atkins MacNeal. These coins have a diameter of 24.3mm and a reeded edge.

Standing Liberty Quarters

The Standing Liberty Quarter features a stunning image of the goddess Liberty on one side of the coin and an American Eagle in flight on the other side of the coin. These 25-cent Lady Liberty quarters were printed by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1930. At U.S.S.Q., we carry a wide selection of these unique and hard to find Liberty silver quarters in grades ranging from good to extra fine.

Our Standing Liberty Quarters are available in all different years as they become available to us. Type 1 Standing Liberty quarters and Type 2 quarters are just some of what you will find when looking to add on to your coin collection.

Grading Standing Liberty Quarters

G4 Good - Date and lettering readable. Top of date worn. Liberty's right leg and toes worn off. Left leg and drapery lines show much wear. VG7 Very Good - Distinct date. Toes show faintly. Drapery lines visible above her left leg. F12 Fine - High curve of right leg flat from thigh to ankle. Left leg shows only slight wear. Drapery lines over right thigh can be seen only at sides of leg. VF20 Very Fine - Garment line across right leg will be worn but show at sides. EF40 Extra Fine - Flattened only at high spots. Her toes are sharp. Drapery lines across right leg are evident. AU50 Almost Uncirculated - Slight trace of wear on head, knee cap, shield's center, and the highest point on the eagle's body.

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