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Collecting National Park Quarters

America the Beautiful: A Guide to Collecting National ParkQuarters

Coin collectors and enthusiasts are always on the lookoutfor new and exciting additions to their collections. One such collection thathas been gaining popularity in recent years is the America the BeautifulNational Park Quarters. These stunning coins feature iconic landmarks andscenes from America's national parks, making them both a beautiful display ofnational pride and a unique coin collecting experience. If you're interested incollecting these quarters, this guide is for you. Read on to learn more aboutthis fascinating collection and how to get started.

1. Understanding the America the Beautiful QuartersCollection:

The America the Beautiful Quarters collection was launchedby the United States Mint in 2010. This ongoing collection features 56different coins, each showcasing a national park or historic landmark fromacross the country. Each year, five new designs are released, with the finalfive designs scheduled for release in 2021. As such, this collection is a greatopportunity for coin collectors to build a complete set over time. Each quarteris sold at face value and can also be obtained through circulation, making themaccessible to everyone.

2. Finding National Park Quarters:

While it's possible to obtain national park quarters fromcirculation, finding new quarters can be a challenge as many people collect andhoard the coins. Many collectors turn to specialty coin dealers or the US mintto obtain specific designs. Websites like USSQ also offer the convenience ofonline ordering where you can buy individual quarters, rolls, sets, or acomplete yearly collection.

3. Building a Collection:

Begin by deciding on your collecting goal. Do you want acomplete set of all 56 coins or just select national park coins that you have apersonal connection with? The next step would be to choose your display. Somecollectors opt for a traditional album such as a Whitman or Dansco album thatholds each coin securely in a slot. You could also use displays such as framesor shadow boxes to ideally showcase your collection. You can find full sets ofDenver Mint and Philadelphia mint coins here.

4. Pros and Cons of Collecting National Park Quarters:

One significant advantage of collecting national parkquarters is that they are a fitting tribute to America's natural landmarks,celebrating them and also allowing us to have a piece of them in our homes.Also, the coins are easily manageable as they are small, lightweight, and accessiblethrough circulation. On the downside, some designs can be rare and difficult toobtain, and for some collectors, that can be a deal-breaker.

5. The Future of the America the Beautiful National ParkQuarters Collection:

While no official plans have been announced, many collectorsspeculate that the America the Beautiful Quarters collection will come to anend with its final set of coins being released in 2021. This speculation hascreated excitement among collectors who want to complete their collections orpurchase the last set for preservation.

Collecting America the Beautiful National Park Quarters isan exciting venture that offers unique opportunities to celebrate the beautyand history of our national parks and landmarks. Whether you're a seasonedcollector or just starting, understanding the collection, knowing where to findthe quarters, and deciding on your display options are important steps inbuilding your set. We hope that this guide has been useful to you in yourcollecting journey. Happy Collecting! Please check out a full selection ofNational Park Quarters at USSQ.

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