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2024 Celia Cruz 20/20 Roll

2024 Celia Cruz 20/20 Roll

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Introducing the exquisite 2024 Celia Cruz 20/20 Quarter Roll—a harmonious ensemble of 20 coins each from the esteemed Denver and Philadelphia Mints. This limited edition roll pays tribute to the Queen of Salsa, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate Celia Cruz's enduring legacy through an impeccably crafted collection.

Immerse yourself in the captivating design of these quarters, featuring the dynamic presence of the Queen of Salsa amidst symbolic musical notes. With 20 coins from both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, this collection not only commemorates a cultural icon but also presents a comprehensive representation of Celia Cruz's vibrant spirit and global influence.

Known for her unparalleled vocal prowess and groundbreaking career, Cruz's impact on the world of music is beautifully encapsulated in this exclusive 20/20 Quarter Roll. The reverse side of each coin captures the pulsating energy she brought to stages worldwide, making this roll a dazzling tribute to her enduring contribution to Latin music.

By acquiring the 2024 Celia Cruz 20/20 Quarter Roll, you invest in a stunning set of collectibles that transcend borders and honor a cultural icon. Perfect for dedicated numismatists, music enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the fusion of art and culture, this roll serves as a tangible connection to the intersection of creativity and history.

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