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2024-P Native American Dollar Roll

2024-P Native American Dollar Roll

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Introducing the 2024 Native American Dollar Roll from the prestigious Philadelphia Mint. This special roll is a unique opportunity to secure 25 coins, each commemorating the significant 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924—a landmark moment in American history.

Design Highlights:Each coin within this distinguished roll features the powerful obverse depiction of Sacagawea, symbolizing resilience, strength, and cultural heritage. The intricately detailed design captures the diverse spirit of Native American cultures, celebrating their enduring legacy.

On the reverse side, the coins collectively commemorate the centennial of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. The design eloquently portrays this historic moment, offering a visual narrative that resonates with collectors, history enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the profound significance of this milestone.

Coin Specifications:

  • Mint: Philadelphia Mint
  • Metal: Copper-Nickel Clad
  • Diameter: 26.5 mm
  • Weight: 8.1 grams
  • Edge: Reeded

Quality Craftsmanship:Minted with precision at the esteemed Philadelphia Mint, each coin in this exclusive roll exemplifies the highest standards of craftsmanship. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that every coin is a testament to the rich history it represents.

Limited Edition Roll:In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act, this roll of 2024 Native American Dollar Coins is released as a limited edition. With only a finite number available, this roll represents a unique opportunity to own a substantial piece of history and contribute to the preservation of Native American heritage.

A Collectible Ensemble:Ideal for collectors and history enthusiasts alike, this complete roll of 2024 Native American Dollar Coins is a meaningful addition to any numismatic portfolio. Displaying the captivating design and historical significance of the individual coins, the roll itself becomes a remarkable ensemble, telling a story of unity and recognition.

Secure Your Roll of History:Don't miss the exclusive opportunity to own a complete roll of the 2024 Native American Dollar Coins from the Philadelphia Mint, wrapped in original mint paper. Purchase this unique ensemble today at usstatequarters.com and be a part of honoring the 100-year legacy of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. Act swiftly, as limited quantities are available!

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