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1863 Indian Head Penny

1863 Indian Head Penny

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The 1863 Indian Head Penny had a mintage of 49,840,000. The composition of these Indian Head Pennies is 88% copper and 12% nickel. The diameter is 19mm. We use strict

What do you get? Our experienced numismatists will hand select your 1863 Indian Head Penny and will use the grading scale below based on the coin you purchased. Good condition coins will have a full to almost full rim and a readable date. Very Good coins will have at least three letters in LIBERTY readable. Fine coins will show all letters in LIBERTY, although some may be weak and may require a magnifying glass. Very Fine coins will have a full headband and the lower ribbon will be connected to the lower hair curl. Extra Fine coins will have the lower ribbon detached from the lower hair curl with some of the diamonds in the ribbon visible. Choice Extra Fine will have all the diamonds visible. Almost uncirculated coins will have no less than 25% of the original mint luster and all diamonds in the ribbon. Scroll down to view the 1863 Indian Head Pennies that are available.
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Product CodeNameOur PriceQty
Product Code:1863IN31863 Indian Head Cent - AG3Our Price:$11.95
Product Code:1863IN401863 Indian Head Cent - EF40Our Price:$74.95
Product Code:1863IN121863 Indian Head Cent - F12Our Price:$21.95
Product Code:1863IN41863 Indian Head Cent - G4Our Price:$14.95
Product Code:1863IN201863 Indian Head Cent - VF20Our Price:$40.95
Product Code:1863IN71863 Indian Head Cent - VG7Our Price:$17.95


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March 17, 2022
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December 10, 2020
Great coin
Really happy with my purchase
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September 24, 2020
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Troy Seifert from Winterville, NC United States
March 8, 2020
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February 20, 2016
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