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1893-O Barber Quarter

1893-O Barber Quarter

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The 1893-O Barber Quarter had a mintage of just 3,396,000. The composition of these coins is 90% silver and 10% copper. Each of these Barber Quarters contain .18084 troy ounces of silver and has a weight of 6.25 grams. The diameter of these coins is 24.3mm.

What do you get? Our experienced numismatists will hand select your 1893-O Barber Quarter and will use the grading scale below based on the coin you purchased. Coins in Almost Good condition will have worn rims and surfaces, but a readable date and mint mark if applicable. Good condition coins will have few, if any details on the obverse with a full rim or almost full rim, all letters on the reverse will be clear of the rim, and may or may not have full rims. Very Good coins will have three letters visible in LIBERTY and the reverse will have full rims with some of the feathers beginning to show. Fine coins will have all letters in LIBERTY readable, although some may be weak with the bottom of the letters worn. About half the feathers and most of E PLURIBUS UNUM will be readable on the reverse. All letters in LIBERTY are easily readable in Very Fine with the headband complete on dates from 1892 - 1900 and most feathers on the reverse will show. Light wear and most details will be present on Extra Fine coins, and on all but a few of the weakly struck dates the band will be complete under LIBERTY. Please scroll down to view our available inventory and pricing.
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Product Code:1893OQ7<!020>1893-O Barber Quarter - VG7Our Price:$28.95


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