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2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter - Image 1 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter - Image 2 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter - Image 1 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter - Image 2 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter - Image 1 of 0
2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter - Image 2 of 0

2024-S Zitkala-Sa Quarter

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Embrace the allure of the 2024 Zitkala-Sa Quarter in the exclusive San Francisco Mint edition. This coin, born from the prestigious San Francisco Mint, marries numismatic excellence with a tribute to Zitkala-Sa's impactful legacy in Native American history.

Key Features:

  1. San Francisco Mint Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Zitkala-Sa Quarter meticulously crafted at the iconic San Francisco Mint. Known for its commitment to excellence, the San Francisco Mint brings an extra layer of prestige to this limited edition coin.

  2. Exquisite Design: The coin's design is a masterpiece, elegantly capturing the essence of Zitkala-Sa's enduring contributions to American history. The artistic details reflect the cultural richness and indomitable spirit of this influential Native American leader.

  3. Zitkala-Sa's Legacy: Born in 1876 on the Yankton Indian Reservation, Zitkala-Sa's legacy resonates through her multifaceted contributions. As an advocate, writer, and musician, she played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural and political landscape of her time.

  4. Champion of Native American Rights: Zitkala-Sa's advocacy for Native American rights remains a cornerstone of her legacy. Through her tireless efforts, she sought to foster understanding and create a more inclusive society for future generations.

  5. Literary Excellence: Zitkala-Sa's literary works, marked by eloquence and insight, offer a unique perspective on the challenges faced by Native Americans during a period of profound societal change. Her writings continue to inspire and educate.

  6. National Council of American Indians: Zitkala-Sa's instrumental role in founding the National Council of American Indians is a testament to her commitment to advocacy. The organization continues to be a driving force for Native American rights and welfare.

An Elegant Collectible:

The Zitkala-Sa Quarter from the San Francisco Mint is more than a coin; it's a testament to elegance and heritage. With limited mintage, this quarter holds intrinsic value for collectors and enthusiasts, embodying a moment in history when a visionary leader left an indelible mark.

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